Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ale Yeah, It's a Party!

We’ve all heard about or have likely been to a wine-tasting event but try hosting a more relaxed beer tasting party.  Beer-tasting parties are becoming very popular.  It’s an affordable option for entertaining, are so easy to put together and ladies, this is a party your guy will definitely approve of.

Fall has arrived and it is a great time to invite friends over to your home for a fun fall date night.   This type of party would also be perfect for birthdays, Oktoberfests or even bachelor parties.

Let us show you how to throw a party your friends won’t soon forget in 4 steps.


Items for The ALE YALE Party!

 For example is you are hosting a party of 12 you need:


1)  Beer

·         At least 8 light beers, like an India pale ale or Sierra Nevada
·         At least 8 wheat beers, like Blue Moon or Shocktop
·         At least 6 amber ales, like Fat Tire or Wood Chuck
·         At least 6 stout beers, like Guinness
·         At least 4  - 6 porters, like Bell's
·         At least 8 other types of craft local brews (check your area for
           local breweries)

2)  Menu

·         Popcorn

·         Assorted crackers and cheese

·         Hot pretzels with assorted dipping sauces

·         Cocktail meatballs

·         Blue cheese and bacon sliders

·         Dessert Platter

3)  D├ęcor

·    Casual atmosphere

·    Stock up on small plastic cups or glass beer steins you can place near the bottles.

·   Try covering the table with blackboard oilcloth and you can write food descriptions right on its surface! Your guest will have fun drawing on it too.

·    For a look reminiscent of British pubs, try London Times Tissue Liners, printed with food-safe soy ink.  We also found it online for a great buy. This is a Savoy The Socialite “Fav” idea.
250 London Royal Times 12”x12” Tissue Liners for $28.00


4)  Let The Tasting Begin

·         Cover up the tasting beers and label with numbers. 
·         Print or write numbers for each beer bottle being tasted and glue
      them onto the paper.
·         Be sure that the beer is chilled well before serving. 

·         Provide your guests with a score sheet and pencils so they can rate and remember their favorites.

·        Designate a pourer to ensure that the beer samples are distributed   properly.
·         Turn on some music and let the party begin!  
·         After your guests are done tasting and rating the beer, collect the score sheets and calculate the scores.

 If you want, you could give a gift card to the person who brought the favorite beer of the night.