Friday, June 22, 2012

Surprise Baby Shower " Gender Reveal"

I am so in love with Guiliana and Bill Rancic. For those of you who follow the couple, you understand that there is a celebration of life not only for Guiliana and her battle of breast cancer, but their expecting baby.  On Father's Day the couple announced the gender of the baby by releasing blue balloons from a giant box.  Thursday, Guiliana has a surprised shower from her collegues.  This couple is so deserving and humble through their process.  We wish them blessing throughout their journey. Thanks for revealing your life to the world and I am forever inspired.

80 to 100 guest were invited to this gender reveal.  They had a big box written on it What do you think?  When they opened the box blue balloons came out...
The food consisted of mini-sliders, mac & cheese, cupcakes and more...

Her collegues really out did themselves with a surprise mini shower.

Savoy The Socialite want to say
Congratulations to Guiliana & Bill

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Honeymoon "Adult Resort" in Luxury

Can I say "Amazing"... Last week boyfriend and I went to an all inclusive adult resort in Mexico.  I was simply excited about taking a break and getting away.  I had no idea of the luxury accomodations or flawless hospitality of the resort. From the time that you pulled up, everything is ROYAL... (the bed, service, dining, conceirge).  We took advantage of every detail of the resort, from dining to spa treatments and the nightly activities.  We also met some wonderful couples from Scotland, England, Texas and New Jersey...

Of course surrounded by newly weds and destination weddings.  I  really wanted my clients and viewers to take advantage of this amazing resort.  This is a 2012 top 10 vacation spot... Check it out:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"A Night For Torsheba"

40 years and we did it in All White..."A Night For Torsheba".  The husband of the year award goes to Perryn Givens.  Perryn called us to create a special event for his wife that was turning the big 4-0.  What he really wanted was to create a night for his wife.  So the theme of course was,"A Night For Torsheba".  This theme was all about her celebrating life with family and friends. 100 guest were invited to hear the sounds of Ordinary People and line dance with Kemel Patton. 

Guest signed Torsheba's memory book and pictures were taken at the entrance. Her guest included her childhood friends, sorority sisters, co workers & more.

Perfect Triangle...DST of course...

How could you not dance to Ordinary People...

Kemel The Line Dance King of Richmond, VA

It was our goal to make this "A Night For Torsheba" with personalization, friends, family and fun.
I think HaydenSavoy Lifestyle Living and Savoy The Socialite did just that...

Happy Birthday Torsheba

Monday, June 18, 2012

How Young & Beautiful...

Savoy The Socialite would like to congratulate Neil and Sheree on a marvelous wedding full of youth and energy.