Monday, August 29, 2011

Savoy's: Wedding Movie Favorites

If you have never seen these movies make sure you pick 5 of them before your wedding and watch them.  Every couple should watch these movies together or Brides grab your bridesmaids with a spinach & bacon salad and of course a glass of pinot noir (wine)...Pop in your DVD and watch some of my favorite wedding movies.  They will make you think, laugh and open your minds and hearts to what could be happening in your wedding.
  1. Father of  the brides
  2. My Best Friends Wedding
  3. Jumping the broon
  4. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  5. The Wedding Singer
  6. Bride Wars
  7. Bridesmaids (Being Featured)
  8. The Wedding Date
  9. Wedding Crasher
  10. The Princess Bride
  11. The Hangover
  12. Our Family Wedding
Have fun and tell Savoy The Socialite your favorite Wedding Movie...

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