Monday, February 20, 2012

Ingredients to Love: Asian Inspired Theme

Last week, I wrote a post about couple cooking.  What I did not share was that I was about to embark on this activity. This weekend we were honored to be in the company of Chef Sequoia Ross. She was absolutely phenomenal and witty.  As a valentine's gift, boyfriend and I had an Asian inspired couple cooking class...The menu consisted of the following:

Appetizers: Spring Eggrolls & Sushi Rolls
Salad: Thai crab & sweet mango salad
Entree: Spicy ginger chicken noodle bowl
Cocktail: Shaghai Love (Our Fav)

    I enjoyed the fresh and organic herbs, fruits and vegetables that we used in our cooking.
    As a couple we have vowed to eat and be healthy. I encourage all of us for 2012 to inspire to be committed to health, love and lasting relationships.

    Thank you,

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