Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What a Conversation Piece?

Yolanda here, the owner of Savoy.  I recently had the luxury of trying out a new service by the Natures Intent. One of my sorority sister's had these shiny but yet elegant nails at her wedding. Being the socialite that I am, I immediately knew that they were the new Minx Nails.  I was not aware of the vendor here in Richmond.  I made my appointment so I could try the look out, because I was attending a fabulous event.  Of course they were a HIT. My nails and toes now shine with this fabulous metallic silver hue; a look impossible to achieve with polish.
Unlike myself, If you can’t handle being the center of attention, this is not the look for you! From the second I stepped outside of the salon, checked in the hotel and the many events I attended, I accumulated more compliments than I could keep track of.
Minx nails have become the latest must have fashion accessory that has taken the States by storm, with celebs such as Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguillara, Rihanna and Beyonce appearing in glossy fashion magazines showing off their new Minx nails.

"If you are hot, trendy and consider yourself a fashionista", Minx nails are for you.  Bring out your personality and try them during your wedding events, (engagement party, bridal shower, girls night out or even your wedding). Yes, they have lace minx nails for brides......

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