Friday, October 30, 2009

The New Crave- Boudoir Photography

What is Boudoir Photography?  It is the hottest rage for brides in the 21st century......Boudoir photography is  one of the best gifts, not to mention a hot gift for your man.  Boudoir photography is the most gorgeous intimate photos of you. They can be taken in sexy lingerie or in nothing at all. Baring it all can still be photographed tastefully by implying nudity, which means you are creatively posed to show only as much as you are comfortable with showing. This meaning your not necessarily nude.

IYQ Photography is so excited to announce its first ever

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Session Promotion

From now until the end of January, IYQ is offering a one hour boudoir session. All contracts include a consultation with advising on wardrobe/accessories and posing direction during the actual shoot. Session fee is $100. Prints, calendars, albums, and CD may be purchased.

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