Monday, October 12, 2009

Cocktail Hour

This weekend I had the opportunity to be a guest at a wedding.  One of the issues I noticed was the constant waiting that the guest indured.  Although, their are many issues that can happen, but waiting over 45 minutes to 1 hour can be unacceptable.  As a bride and groom, waiting can cause expenses to your budget.  Some of your vendors contract at a certain time limit for a certain price. The real question is what could have been done so the guest would not have been so impatient. How about having a:

Cocktail Hour
Tradionally, the cocktail hour occurs between the ceremony and reception. It allows the bride and groom to take some important pictures with their photographer. This also allows the guests to mingle and catch up with friends and family they may not have seen in a while.

The cocktail hour can include, signature drinks (alcoholic or non) and light hors d'oeuvres.
The seating at a cocktail hour can be informal than the dinner portion of your reception. It can include a variety of bistro tables that people can stand at, a few tables with seats for older guests, and even some stylish lounge areas can be created.
The music during cocktail hour can be soft and elegant or it can set the tone for a fun recpetion.
More modern couples are having their cocktail hour before the ceremony, this is a way to welcome their guests. This includes champagne and a light hors d'oeurves. 


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