Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wedding Reception Speech...

When are the toasts offered?

You have the option to control your own wedding. Generally, the main toast begins just after the main course is completed. This occurs before any cake is cut.

Order of wedding reception speeches.

Father of the Bride- Who thanks all those for coming. He welcomes the Groom into his family ands toast his daughter.

The Father of the Groom- Speaks on behalf of the family, welcomes the bride into their family.

The Groom- He is to thank all those for coming to the event and he will toast his bride. He also takes time out to thank his wedding party and family for all the help he has received.

The Groomsman or Best man- He will usually tell a few stories with lots of humor about the groom. This is always the longest toast and the most anticipated.

The Maid of Honor-, She will tell the audience how proud she is of the couple and she may add a story of her own too.

The Bride- May or maynot take the floor. If she does, she will re-affirm the thanks her husband has given to everyone and will also acknowledge the help her family, bridal party and of course husband have given her throughout her planning process.

The Mother of the Bride or other family members-May or May not take the floor.

Remember, you are in full control over who gives the speeches at your wedding. Inform the individuals whom you would like to give a speech so they can prepare. Remember public speaking can be tough.....

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