Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Savoy- The Inspiration of The Moment

Savoy The Socialite is inspired by Cotton... This brides new last name is Mrs. Cotton and she took that last name as well as her vows literally.  I just love the feelings that couples want to incorporate in their weddings. 

This is such an out the box moment; but a breathtaking, simplistic and detailed feature that any bride could have or should want.

100% Cotton... Thats what this bouquet arrangement stated and thats what this bride wanted to be on that day and the many days ahead...100% Cotton.  Savoy The Socialite got the message. 

Q: What message will you display at your wedding?


The Contemporary Christian said...

who would have thought that cotton would be such a presentable bouquet. I love it!

SAVOY said...

This is really beautiful and rare. It leaves you with a thought of hummmmmmm and a feeling of tranquility.