Thursday, July 29, 2010

Starting Heirlooms, What will your traditions be as a couple?

Vintage, romance and timeless, gorgeous silver-plated cutlery will make your wedding unforgetable. This cutlery is a detail that will make the 1st mouthful of wedding cake taste all the sweeter.
Hand-engraved by a beach-living Etsy crafter, these mismatched pieces are given a new lease of life as charming future heirlooms. What a great way for you as a couple to start your tradition within your family. 

What daughter or son would not want this to be passed down from generation to generation.  Or what about your anniversary, eating with the first cutlery on the day you said I Do.  I bet your tastebuds will savor all flavors of that moment.

Team them with hammered spoon table signs or cake toppers, and start your married life as eco-friendly upcyclers. Buy them from the Beach House Living boutique and surprise your fiancé as you sit down to your first meal as husband and wife.

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