Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Reflections: "Happy Birthday To Me"

Reflection {ri-flek-shuhn} : a fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration.: a thought occurring in consideration or meditation.

Today is my birthday and I am in reflection.  In meditation, study, deliberation about life, events and celebration. 

Question of the day:  Have you celebrated your life? Or do you wait for others to celebrate your life?
I have been celebrating my life since I was in the womb and I never stopped.  Every birthday has been a memorable event and an event that was acknowledged by family and friends. 

I have maintained continous friendships since the 4th grade, yes, I finally admit it Kenecko, its the 4th grade... My bestie and I met in 8th grade...secretly (I thought she was a teacher LOL).  Then you have college, sorority, boys and so forth.  These friends have been celebrating my life and all my special events for years...Today, I want to acknowledge your friendship, love and devotion.  So let's have a cocktail and blowout the candles for another year....Cause we like to Party...

Cause we like to party, hey hey hey  

Cause we like to party, hey hey hey

Cause we like to party


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